Suiboku-ga / Sumi-e

Suiboku-ga / Sumi-e

Suiboku-ga / Sumi-e : A monochrome ink painting technique not to simply reproduce the appearance of the subject, but seeks to capture its soul! Beautiful Piece of Art!

Suiboku-ga, also called Sumi-e, reached its height in the Muromachi period (1338–1573) with such masters as Sesshū Tōyō, whose landscapes were uniquely Japanese, and Sesson Shūkei, who worked in the far northeast of Japan.

Suiboku-ga / Sumi-e

Practice by highly disciplined monks trained in the art of concentration, clarity, and simplicity, these monks adhered to a rigorous schedule of meditation in preparation for painting.

Entering a deep contemplative state was at the core of the creative process: first they prepared the inkstone, then they would grind the sumi ink, then load the brush (fude) and release the brush stroke on rice paper or silk scroll. Mastering the nuances of the black sumi ink was more difficult than painting with color and required consummate skill.

Suiboku-ga / Sumi-e

Here is a video where you can watch how the sumi-e technique is used.

How about learning the sumi-e tecnique – You could use the Craft Design Technology Brush Pens to practice, at least for the japanese characters (kanji)!

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